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Our Philosophy

Jason Tan & Associates (‘JTA’) is committed to providing excellent professional services without compromising on our quality, at a competitive cost. We believe in delivering the right balance of quality in our services, high level of assurance, good value and innovation in the way we do things.

We are committed in adding value and helping our clients in achieving their goals and objectives. We believe in exceeding our clients’ expectations. We strive to maintain long-term business relationships and grow with our clients. We believe in creating value for our clients by being focused on critical matters.

Quality and efficiency are inextricably linked. Both are about getting it right the first time, identifying and resolving issues promptly and delivering the right information to the right people at the right time. Both are driven from the top, and delivered by the entire team. As in everything we do, our people are at the heart of this.

We believe in upholding a high level of integrity and treating all our clients and associates with deep and mutual respect. Client confidentiality is important to us and we maintain an open and transparent relationship with all our clients.


Jason Tan & Associates (简称 JTA)致力于以有竞争力的成本提供优质的专业服务,而不损害质量。我们坚信高水平的服务保证,良好价值以及创新方式与质量间能取得平衡。

我们致力于增加价值,以超越客户期望的信念,帮助我们的客户实现其目标。 因坚信着为我们的客户创造价值,我们不懈与客户保持长期的业务关系,并与他们一起成长。