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Human Resources


Filling a permanent position and creating a competitive advantage

We know the right people and we want to meet your expectations.

The management of JTA-Euraaudit has more than fifteen years of experience in the corporate sector especially in the area of accounting and finance and thus, we pride ourselves that with our wide network of contacts, we know the right people for you and your organisation. Finding the right candidate is no longer a simple task as the wrong candidate can prove to be a costly decision. Thus, the starting point for us is to understand your organisation, culture and requirement. Given the increased professional mobility of today’s executives in every field, sooner or later your organisation will need to replace someone lost through retirement, resignation, career change or development. We can determine the real calibre of prospective employees for you only by first getting to know you and understanding your business and industry. As a boutique firm with a personal approach, we are able to spend the time which will save you a great deal later. We aim to know you and know the best people for you.


When filling a permanent position is not a competitive advantage and outsourcing

The cost of employing a permanent staff is costly and increasing as employers have to offer competitive packages to attract suitable candidates and may not be affordable for small and medium size companies. The rule of thumb is the cost of a staff is three times the cost of his basic salary once the total benefits are accounted for. Why not consider outsourcing? We specialized in providing outsourcing functions for finance, accounting and payroll. One does not have to be bogged down in the back end and allow the experts to manage it. The benefits are it will free up your time to focus on your expertise, which will enable you to generate more revenue and returns.

Thus, whatever your needs, we aim to meet them as the right solution and strategy will create the advantage for your firm. We aim to partner with you in ensuring your company’s success.