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Risk Advisory

Risk management is integral to any business and in today’s ever dynamic and changing landscape, it ensures not only the survival but competitiveness of any business.

Large corporations have fallen because risk was not managed well. The current economic situation and sub prime crisis are all proofs of the following. Companies engage JTA to help them design, manage and execute lasting change. Increasingly, value is created across a complex network of partners, suppliers, customers, regulators and stakeholders. Survival and success depends on collaboration amongst them.

We can help in the following circumstances:-

  • Project Feasibility Study
  • Risk management such as your aim is to manage processes and mitigate inherent business risk. This involves drafting of policies, work flows, processes and implementation. Our expertise is to draft policies and processes that protect the business’ interests but also practical as all businesses’ aim to maximize the revenue while protecting the different areas of risks. Areas that we have expertise in include internal controls of different areas of business, credit and collection risk and management processes.

To truly effectively manage and measure risks, we must:-

  • Define the kinds of risk and amount of risk you’re willing to tolerate
  • Link your risk appetite to your business strategy and operations, so that you can choose the risks which offer the greatest commercial potential without adversely affecting the level of compliance you have set for your organisation
  • Make the changes required to ensure that every business unit and function in your organisation consistently makes decisions about risk that conform to your risk appetite
  • Improve the consistency and efficiency of your systems and processes for controlling risk