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Financial Statement Audit

At Jason Tan & Associates (‘JTA’) we are committed to delivering independent, efficient, effective and comprehensive audits of financial statements, including attestations of internal control reporting. We provide quality assurance services to help ensure that our clients’ financial statements meet the regulatory and business requirements under which they function.

The traditional audit approach focuses on numbers and accounting issues and assumes that business processes, informational technology architecture and organizational structures are static. However, succeeding in business in Asia Pacific today requires the ability to navigate through complex and quickly changing business dynamics. In short, it requires a total systems view.

JTA customise our audit approach to suit the size and nature of our clients’ businesses, organisation and internal controls. Coupled with our extensive industry knowledge to draw upon, we can provide you with accurate and unbiased information you require in making vital business decisions.

Our deep understanding of companies’ legislations and regulations, approved auditing and accounting standards has enabled us to assist our clients with complex reporting issues.

  • Compliance with regulations
  • Advice on controls and processing system weaknesses
  • Confirmation of accounting treatments with respect to complex transactions
  • Increased monitoring of prospective accounting and regulatory changes
  • Independent review of externally reported information
  • Accountants’ reports

Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

Regulatory compliance and reporting needs to be viewed as a natural extension of the governance duties shouldered by top management and corporate boards. Today good corporate governance ensure companies comply with their business objectives, policies and controls and risk management strategies. Ultimately, they must not be a deterrent but a support that help and add value to the organisation.

Thus, we are sensitive to the needs of companies that must comply with requirements of national and international regulators, including capital market regulators such as the Securities Commissions or Bursa Malaysia, as well as the pronouncements of International Financial Reporting Standards.

JTA is here to help you at a strategic level by maximising any competitive advantages from regulation through to the operational level and minimising the costs and disruptions to your operations and thus, allowing you to free up your resources and time. We can also help you in the following areas:

  • IFRS Reporting
  • Corporate Reporting Improvement
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

Internal Auditing

Internal audit plays an important role in corporate governance and risk management. The scope of internal auditing within an organization is broad and may involve topics such as the efficacy of operations, the reliability of financial reporting, deterring and investigating fraud, safeguarding assets, and compliance with laws and regulations.

JTA can assist company to improve the quality and effectiveness of the internal audit processes as we try to understand the organisation’s objectives, risks, risk management priorities, regulatory environment and the needs of different stakeholders such as the board of directors, employees and shareholders. We can advise and assist in the development of internal audit and risk management methodologies and thus, provide advice to the senior management.