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Company Secretary Services

Every company in Malaysia is required by statute to have at least one company secretary in Malaysia. The company secretary must be of full age (18 years old) with his principal or only place of residence in Malaysia.

The secretary is to be appointed by the board of directors and either himself or his agent or secretary is required to be present at the registered office of the company on the days and at the hours which the registered office is to be accessible to the public.

In most cases it is not practical for most small medium enterprises to engage full time secretaries. Instead, the service of an external secretary of a professional secretarial firm is engaged.

We offer company secretarial services in Malaysia ranging from new company formation and incorporation in Malaysia, provision of a registered office facilities, in preparation of all kinds of minutes, AGM, EGM, annual return and any related documents

We also offer the latest updates on legislative changes and ensure all compliance need are taken care of including:

  • Incorporation and set up of private limited companies
  • Compliance and regulatory process and procedures of the Companies Act 2017
  • Appointment as Company Secretary
  • Regulatory and Industry Compliance requirements
  • Provision of Registered Office facilities

Please call our company secretarial department: Mr. Firdaus / Ms. Haziqah (03 7956 3933) for any company secretarial enquiries.[:]